Web Video

C-Marc produces high quality web videos that are specifically designed to improve your online marketing capabilities and engage your online audience. From the beginning we look at your video through the eyes of someone visiting your website, youtube page, or social media site to ensure that every aspect of the video works with your online content. Whether using video for online tutorials, regular web casts, advertising, or even viral marketing, we have the talent necessary to produce your video from pre-production to post-production.

In addition to filming, we offer several pre-production and post-production services:

Web video services (pre-production) 

  • script writing 
  • set development and setup
  • lighting

Web video services (post-production)

  • Green screen
  • video editing
  • voice overs
  • 2d/3d animation
  • soundtrack and sound correction

Web Video|C-Marc Digital Video Productions

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