Professional Video Editing

We put the polish on all of your ideas and make them shine. In our digital editing suite we make  your final product take form.

Using the latest hardware and software packages on three different edit stations, we work your raw footage into a finished master and format the final project onto VHS, DVD, HD, Film, Video CD, streaming video for the web or any other format to meet your needs.

We take our time in the editing booth to create a professional and polished production that gets results. We don’t mind going the extra mile to take your production to the next level.  You won’t find us sitting and watching the clock, while checking our rate card.

We care about each and every edit. We expect to exceed your expectations and create a production that will increase sales, save money, and increase your bottom line.

Professional Video Editing Services Offered:
  • 4.7 GB DVDs with Professionally made DVD menus
  • Special Effects
  • Synchronized background music to video
  • Professional DVD Insert and Cover

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