Underwater Filming

With over 10 years of experience, C-Marc has mastered the art of underwater filming. Whether in an ocean or a man made pool, C-Marc has the equipment and techniques necessary to present your product with clarity, excitement, and most importantly, within it’s intended environment. We’re not talking about spending a day at the pool to get you two shots of your product that won’t even make your final cut. We take your product through the entire process of underwater filming, from shooting multiple angles with the product in action, to frame by frame editing to get you only the best shots. ¬†We use high quality equipment and advanced editing techniques to ensure that your product is seen in correct color no matter what the depth. Our extensive collection of award winning music will capture the attention of your audience and hold it all the way to the end of your presentation.

Why should you choose C-Marc Digital Video Productions for your underwater filming?

  • High Quality Underwater Filming
  • Award Winning Soundtracks
  • Correct Colors no matter what the Depth
  • Multiple Action Shots
  • 2d/3d Animation to Educate and Influence your Prospects

Whatever your underwater filming needs, you can be sure that C-Marc will exceed them. This is because our goal is to tell the best story of all…yours!

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