Stock Footage

At C-Marc we maintain a large selection of stock footage to be used in your video. We have spent a lot of time over the years shooting our own stock footage on a variety of subjects to meet whatever needs you may have for your video. Our stock footage is always of the highest quality and is shot by our professional cameramen, so it is sure to be steady, in focus, and with expert lighting. While we regularly shoot stock footage throughout the year, we also understand that you may have a unique need that we do not yet have footage for. Fortunately, we also partner with several other stock footage companies to bring you unique stock footage that will leave your audience truly impressed. We do what it takes to get you the best stock footage.

Stock Footage services:

  • Large library of stock footage to be used in your video or purchased on it’s own.
  • Consulting on which stock footage will be represent your topic and engage your audience.
  • Editing for your desired medium
  • Addition of 2d/3d animations at your request.

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